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Resources to learn or better understand the Hebrew language, in order to better understand the Bible.

What does your desk look like when you are studying?

I have always loved getting deep into a passage.  It is not always a matter of quantity but of quality.  Each verse is profound store of treasure.  Psalm 119:11, “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.” (hid, צפן  Treasured up, reserved)

You can get to the heart of any text with your Bible, Greek and Hebrew Bibles and resources.
This stack of books is the result of studying out one verse.  You can get to the heart of any text with your Greek and Hebrew Bibles and lexical resources.

The resources pictured to the side are what I consider to be the essentials for getting deep into a passage of scripture.  These tools include:


Someone may ask the question, why are you carrying all of these books around instead of just using a computer or a tablet?

There is something to be said about a slower more methodical Bible study than just having all of the information at your fingertips in electronic format.  When you individually look up each verse in a search the information tends to stick with you better and longer.

I actually have all of my paper resources on the computer and the tablet as well, but prefer the feel of a physical Bible and Lexicon.  If you are curled up on the couch or waiting in the waiting room somewhere, it is much easier to use the tablet.

The main point is to use the method of internalizing scripture that you can and will use every day to strengthen your walk with the Lord.

King James Bible With Parallel Greek and Hebrew

This is a PDF Bible that I would love to have in print.  This Bible has the Masoretic Hebrew text on one side and the King James Bible on the other side.  In the New Testament it has Scrivener‘s Greek New Testament, (Received Text, Textus Receptus).  What would make this Bible absolutely perfect would be the inclusion of the word study dictionaries in the back of the KJV Key Word Study Bible by AMG.

Permission has been granted by the editor of this PDF to use and distribute his work freely for nonprofit purposes, both in electronic format and in hardcopy, in order to further the study of the Holy Scriptures in the original tongues.

King James Bible with Parallel Greek and Hebrew link

Listen to the Bible in Hebrew

The best way to learn a language is to be exposed to it constantly.  When being exposed to a language that you are learning, use the Bible as that source.  You will not only gain understanding in the language that you are learning, but also grow in your knowledge and love of the scripture.  Here are a few resources to aid you in learning the Hebrew language.