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Comparing Latin Translations: Vetus Latina vs. the Latin Vulgate

I have been having fun lately doing comparative study between ancient Greek, Hebrew and Latin texts.  The Vetus Latina was in use before the Latin Vulgate was made.  The Vetus Latina was translated from the Greek Septuagint while the Vulgate was translated from the Hebrew.  The Vetus Latina was in very heavy use  and was widely quoted.  The Vulgate was not initially well received by many at first when it was introduced in the fourth century.  Over Time the Vulgate had gained popularity.


Here is a comparison of Joshua 1:8-9   (Click image to make larger)

Joshua 1 verses 8 and 9

Here is a very interesting book allowing you to compare the Vetus Latina, (Old Latin) with the Latin Vulgate:


Here is a website dedicated to researching Vetus Latina manusripts: