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Read the history and works of Flavius Josephus

Flavius Josephus was a first century historian whose work was useful and informative to better understand the Jewish culture of the times.

The Wars of the Jews
It is valuable, beyond measure, to study history.  It is not only our gateway into the past, but as history seems to often repeat itself, it is many times a portal to understand current events and our future.  Josephus provides another look into biblical times which increases our understanding of the setting in which the scriptures took place.

I have provided links below to some of his works.  You can buy a paper copy of his book like the one that I have on my shelf or you can get a digital copy of his work translated into English from archive.org.

If you would like to go further in your studies of Josephus take a look at the Perseus Digital Library.  Here are some links to some of Josephus’ works written in Greek.

Clicking the link below in English will take you to Wikipedia.  Clicking the second link written in Latin will take you to the Perseus page where you can study the work in Greek.


 Antiquities of the Jews,  Antiquitates Judaicae.

 Against Apion,  Contra Apionem.

 War of the Jews Book 7De bello Judaico libri vii

 The Life of Flavius JosephusJosephi vita.


Here is a book from archive.org that has the War of the Jews and Against Apion printed with parallel columns of Greek and Latin.

Flavii Josephi Opera Graece et Latine.

Here is another Greek and Latin copy of Josephus

Φλαυίου Ἰωσήπου – Flavii Iosephi

You can look at some of the early manuscripts of Josephus on the Biblioteca Ambrosiana website.  The site is in Italian and they require a subscription to view their digital images.


If you do a search of both Google books and archive.org you should be able to find more examples and translations into different languages.